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Treasurer – Mike Wallace

Mike WallaceMike supports the idea of a transparent and communicative board of directors and will conduct his duties in an honest and forthright manner. Mike is a servant leader and is honored to serve the entire ACMEA membership as your Treasurer.

Mike joined the Alameda County work family in 2008 after a career in the private sector as a western regional manager working with fortune 500 firms on foreign and domestic projects. He was mentored and educated in the art of leadership and the science of strategic decision-making. Starting at Alameda County Employees Retirement Association (ACERA) and working for the Assistant CEO, Mike was introduced to the vast inner workings of the entire County departmental structure and its talented, diverse workforce.

In 2011, Mike was recruited by Zone 7 Water Agency (a dependent special district and department of Alameda County) as an analyst to lead the study of severing ties with the County, and managed both the communications and conservations teams. Mike transitioned over to the Finance section of the Agency and now manages Risk Management, IT and a myriad of special projects.

Mike is a well-rounded individual whose education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management and a minor in Economics. Mike has also served as a leader for over 12 years with the Alameda County Human Relations Commission and recently retired from weekly basketball program he created for at-risk youth, 11 years ago. Mike is also a family man who is blessed with two daughters and a wife of 29 years.