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OE3 Verbally Accosts Members, ACMEA Protects Them

Who would you rather have on your side?

On May 7, 2021, we were informed by two ACMEA members that an organizer for OE3  gained access to their secured, personal workspaces which require AHS-issued security badges. While the OE3 operator was there, he distributed flyers, campaigned and urged people to sign OE3 union cards.

When one of our ACMEA members told the organizer that he didn’t want to sign an OE3 union card, he became irate and belligerent. The ACMEA member felt so threatened by the organizer that he called the Alameda County Sheriff regarding the altercation and filed a formal complaint against him. The ACMEA member remains concerned not only for his safety and well-being but the safety and well-being of his coworkers as well.

Hear from them first-hand what happened and how they felt about it.