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Frequently Asked Questions About the OE3 Attempt to Decertify ACMEA

Know your rights! Don’t be fooled by OE3’s claims!

The Operating Engineers Local 3 Union (OE3) is attempting to deceive our members into decertifying ACMEA.

Here’s what you need to know.

Who is OE3 and what was their role with ACMEA and its members?

ACMEA contracted with OE3 for many years to handle our labor negotiations, grievances and disciplinary hearings. However, the Board voted to terminate them in 2019 because they failed to properly represent our members.

Why did ACMEA terminate OE3?

OE3 was not taking care of our members as they were required to do. They didn’t return members’ calls, missed deadlines, didn’t appear at scheduled disciplinary hearings and more. Our top priority is to ensure our members are well represented and OE3 was failing on all fronts. As a result, our Board voted to terminate their contract.

Who is the Mastagni Law Firm and what is their role with ACMEA?

ACMEA hired the Mastagni Law Firm to replace OE3 after they were terminated. Mastagni now provides services for ACMEA’s labor negotiations, grievances and disciplinary hearing management and have been doing an excellent job for our members over the last 18 months.

Mastagni is the largest union-side labor firm in the state.

What improvements have taken place within ACMEA since Mastagni Law Firm was hired?

Mastagni Law Firm has been an exceptional advocate for our members. Since they were hired in 2019, together we have grown our membership by 70%, significantly increased our communications with members, modernized our website, re-written our by-laws, conducted our first online election and maintained an impressive record when it comes to winning grievances on behalf of our members.

ACMEA has created 12 committees encouraging ACMEA members to participate in transparent MOU negotiations, health and safety matters, and membership satisfaction.


Why is OE3 reaching out to ACMEA Members asking them to sign something?

OE3 is trying to deceive ACMEA members into signing a paper stating that they are now members of the OE3 Union. Please be warned that what they are doing is improper and does not change your representation. ACMEA is your sole representative for collective bargaining.  OE3’s misleading actions are wrong, and it should be deeply concerning that they’re trying to trick members into taking away their rights. If OE3 reaches out to you to sign something, DO NOT sign it and please let us know immediately.

What is decertification and what does it mean for members?

Decertification refers to the process where the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) allows employees to call for a special election to get rid of the union as their “exclusive representative.” Decertifying ACMEA would be incredibly detrimental to our members as they would no longer have someone reliable to handle their collective bargaining, disciplinary hearings and general management.

OE3 says that if I’m unhappy with the current ACMEA contract, they can do a better job. Is that true?

Not likely. Our current ACMEA contract was negotiated by OE3 before they were fired. If you are unhappy with your current contract, that is a direct result of OE3’s incompetence.

Why is OE3 choosing to file for decertification now, almost two years after being fired?

OE3 knows that ACMEA has upcoming contract negotiations on June 30. Filing for the decertification now is their attempt to derail the process. As ACMEA tries to negotiate in good faith, it’s being undercut by OE3 who is trying to deter us from being able to put all of our efforts into negotiating the strongest possible contract for our members. It is a slap in the face to the hard working men and women of ACMEA for OE3 to be doing this.

What happens next in the decertification process?

OE3 has submitted their petition to decertify to PERB. If the signatures submitted with their petition are verified, there will be a vote among members on whether or not ACMEA is decertified. If there is an election, we urge you to vote against decertification so that we can continue to look out for the best interests of all of our members as we have always done.

Who should I reach out to with questions about OE3 and the decertification process?

If you have any questions or would like additional information about OE3’s deceitful tactics, please reach out to us at