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ACMEA member Lucy Lerma shares the great benefits of joining ACMEA!


  • Attorney representation for employee disciplinary actions.
    Otherwise, you have to pay out-of-pocket which can cost you thousands of dollars!
  • Full legal representation for labor/management issues.
    Want to bring up an issue with executive management? We can help with that!
  • Reimbursement for professional training and tuition.
    Money for your professional growth!
  • Scholarships for your dependent children.
    Money for your dependents!
  • The ability to participate in ACMEA membership meetings.
    Have your voice heard and shape our union!
  • Provide input and direction on contract negotiations.
    Participate in your financial future!
  • Help shape our Union by joining an ACMEA committee (membership, bylaws, election, etc.).
  • The right to vote in elections and on the bylaws.
  • One hour of free legal advice on each matter.

Dues are only $31.34 a pay period.