Is ACMEA a Union?
Yes! ACMEA is your Union and we focus on representing managers in Alameda County. ACMEA, like other Unions in the United States, is designated as a 501(c)(5) by the Internal Revenue Service.
Who is the Mastagni Law Firm and What Do They Do for Our Members?
The Mastagni Law firm represents all ACMEA members for all labor relation matters including any disciplinary issues, contract negotiations, meet and confers, and grievances. Members who may be facing a potential disciplinary action will be represented by an experienced attorney and will never be charged any additional fees or expenses beyond their bi-weekly membership dues amount.
What Other Benefits Does Mastagni Provide to ACMEA Members?
ACMEA members get a free 1-hour consultation with an experienced attorney on any other legal matters such as personal injury, will and trusts, family law, criminal and civil matters, etc.
Who Do I Contact if I am being Disciplined at Work?
If you are facing a disciplinary action, immediately call ACMEA at 1-833-ACMEA-11. Members will be entitled to representation by an experienced attorney and will never be charged any additional fees or expenses beyond their bi-weekly membership dues amount.
Who Do I Contact with ACMEA Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Compliments?
If you have ACMEA related questions, comments, concerns, or compliments, contact us online here or call us at 1-833-ACMEA-11. We want to hear from you!
In addition, you can also submit questions through our website at www.ACMEA.org
When are ACMEA Meetings?
Board Meetings are held the 4th Monday at 6:30pm each month. The meetings provide updates on a wide variety of topics including contract negotiations, meet and confers, and other valuable information. Please keep an eye out on your personal email for meeting invitations. Details can also be found on the Calendar on our website at www.ACMEA.org
Where Can I Get the Latest ACMEA News, Updates, and Other Information?
For the latest information visit our website at www.ACMEA.org