Director Representing the Sheriff’s Sworn Unit – Dan Brodie

Dan BrodieBorn in San Leandro, and a proud resident of Castro Valley, I have worked for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office since 1999. For the last 21 years, and for my entire life growing up the son of a retired Lieutenant, I have always had a strong connection to the County we work for, and the County many of us call home. Beginning my career as a non-sworn Sheriff’s Technician with SEIU, climbing through the ranks of Deputy Sheriff and Sergeant with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and now serving as a Captain and member of ACMEA, I am proud to be a part of this union and honored to know it will be the association I will eventually finish my career with. Promoting to Lieutenant in 2015, I have been represented by ACMEA since the same while learning the skills of management for the Sheriff’s Office.

I believe in transparency, ethical decision-making, objective reasoning, equitable application of policies, and ensuring the men and women serving our communities do so responsibly and with respect. Prior to promoting to Captain, I worked in Internal Affairs as a testament to this desire, and as Compliance Captain for the Sheriff’s Office, I am currently charged with the same. As a board member, I apply these beliefs to my position within our association and will work tirelessly for all ACMEA members across this County, ensuring we all continue to thrive together.  

When not working, I enjoy tinkering on all things two and four-wheeled, giving my dog too many treats behind my wife’s back, and looking forward to expanding our little family right here in the County of Alameda.