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Director Representing the Superior Courts – Mark Berghausen

Mark BerghausenI have worked as a Legal Research Attorney at the Superior Court of California for Alameda County since early 2018. I support several civil departments with legal research and writing, primarily on law-and-motion matters. I have degrees from Stanford University (BA ’06) and Northwestern University School of Law (JD ’11). Before joining the Court, I worked in private practice, representing a wide variety of clients from some of the nation’s largest companies but also local families, nationwide advocacy organizations, and local communities groups on a volunteer, pro bono basis.

I joined ACMEA as soon as I joined the Court and have been a proud dues-paying member since. I volunteered to serve on the negotiations committee for the Courts memorandum of understanding and during the negotiations over COVID-19 budget cuts. I volunteered to co-chair a committee that revised and modernized the ACMEA ByIaws over many months of meetings. Court members elected me to serve on the ACMEA Board in 2020 as their designated Director. I am honored and humbled by their trust and will do my best to honor you. I will use my experience to make sure we do the research, make informed decisions, and put in the time to make our union work for everyone. I will do my best to ensure we have a strong, member-driven union that makes transparent, informed decisions.

I also look forward to meeting with many other members and helping us build stronger social ties within and across our many units and employers because our unity and solidarity are our greatest assets. Every member is a part of our union, and each of you is worth our friendship, respect, and consideration. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, playing video games, traveling, camping, and spending time with my friends, especially my boyfriend and our miniature schnauzers.