Last Update: 4/1/2024

Do you want to become an ACMEA Shop Steward? You can do so in four easy steps:

  1. Watch the Orientation Video below to learn about the role and the benefits
  2. Review the Questions and Answers section
  3. Sign Up to Become a Shop Steward and to Join Our Next Training
  4. Attend the next training

1. Orientation Video

Video Length: 12 minutes



2. Questions and Answers

How do I become a Shop Steward?

Below is the process for becoming an ACMEA Shop Steward:

    1. Watch the Shop Steward Orientation Video shown above.
    2. Review this Questions and Answers section.
    3. Sign up by clicking here.
    4. The President will review your application.
    5. You will attend training.
    6. In accordance with the ACMEA Bylaws, the President will appoint you to become a steward, which is subject to approval by the ACMEA Board of Directors.
    7. Once you are successfully appointed, you will be a Shop Steward!


What is the time commitment?

This is hard to predict, but expect to spend about 1-2 hours a week assisting members. To prevent you from being  overwhelmed by membership inquiries, you can always refer members to other stewards or to ACMEA directly, as needed. The time commitment can depend on the number of members at your location, the agency, and the location. For example, an agency or location may violate our MOUs more often than others, which forces ACMEA to respond more often. You will be ACMEA's eyes and ears to mitigate these problems. The more Shop Stewards we have, the less work it should be for the Shop Stewards!


Will there be training?

Yes! We expect ongoing in-person and virtual training for our Shop Stewards. Below are some details:

  • Our next training is scheduled for TO BE DETERMINED.
  • The deadline to submit an application for the next training is TO BE DETERMINED. If you miss the deadline, please still submit your application and we will add your name to a future training.
  • We will work with employers to get release time for our members to attend training.


When can I conduct Union business?

Currently, there are two times you can conduct Union business:

    1. When you are released from work duties. This is pre-arranged with your employer and will free you to attend meetings and other sanctioned activities. ACMEA will notify you when you have release time.
    2. If you are not released from your job for a Union activity, you can only conduct the activity on your breaks, lunch time, and personal time.

ACMEA is considering negotiating a pool of release hours for our Shop Stewards in upcoming contracts. We will keep you apprised as we get more information.


Do Shop Stewards replace the Site Representatives?

3. Sign Up to Become a Shop Steward and to Join Our Next Training