The ACMEA Board of Directors is seeking to fill the position of Treasurer. Like all board members, the Treasurer is a volunteer position. Per the ACMEA Bylaws, the President may appoint a dues-paying member to fill a vacant seat.

  • NO financial background is required.
  • Training will be provided.
  • Any dues-paying member may be appointed.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in financial management and non-profit leadership!

The Treasurer works with the President and an administrative assistant to manage our financial reporting and is also part of ACMEA's Political Action Committee. It requires about 5-10 volunteer hours per month. The current term ends on December 31, 2025.

If you are interested in filling this role or have any questions, please send an email to by July 31, 2023.

Further Details
The Board is seeking an individual who conducts their duties and responsibilities with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards. The Treasurer should be detail-oriented, analytical, and has excellent organizational and communication skills. They should feel comfortable with proposing policies and strategies to ensure ACMEA’s finances remain in good standing, mitigate risk, and promote financial growth that benefit ACMEA members.

Treasurer role as described in the ACMEA Bylaws
The Treasurer shall:

(1)  Collect and receive all income of the Association;

(2)  Assure that all monies, except for petty cash, are properly accounted for and receipted for, and such monies, shall be maintained in banks or other financial institutions as the Board of Directors may designate;

(3)  Pay all orders, charges, and expenses of the Association as directed by the Board of Directors;

(4)  Maintain the financial records of the Association;

(5)  Supervise preparation of unaudited financial reports;

(6)  Preparing a monthly financial report, which shall contain no less than a report of cash assets, income received, source of income, and nature and extent of disbursement since last financial report;

(7)  Preparing an updated monthly budget report, which shall include the amounts budgeted for expenditures and the balance of those funds;

(8)  Oversee preparation and submission of financial statements, County, State, and Federal corporate tax returns;

(9)  Have the Association’s books, accounts, and records in condition for audit;

(10)  Ensure that all accounts are properly designated and that there shall be no commingling of personal or non-Association assets with the assets of the Association;

(11)  Deliver to successor all documents, files, papers, equipment and/or other matters belonging to the Association prior to vacating office;

(12)  May appoint an assistant to the Treasurer subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, who shall become familiar with the financial affairs of the Association and assist in the absence of the Treasurer; and

(13)  Perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may require. 

If you are interested in filling this role or have any questions, please send an email to by July 31, 2023.