Last month, our debut issue of “The ACMEA Connection” hit the email inboxes of hundreds of ACMEA members, along with our inaugural message from “ACMEA-TEXTNET” to your cell phones. Both of these programs are OE3-initiated programs in coordination with the ACMEA Communication Committee to help connect ACMEA/OE3 members with their union.


“The ACMEA Connection” will be published at least once a month. A digital copy will be in your inboxes, along with a copy on the ACMEA website. The “ACMEA-TEXTNET” is meant to provide immediate or urgent updates and calls to action that benefit our members. Members who did receive the text alert please text: ACMEA to 484848 to insure that we have your information. If you did not receive “The ACMEA Connection”, or would like to update your information, please email Mariann Cutting or call 510-748-7438. We are stronger together! Stay informed, engaged and organized.