In the last few months, OE3 Public Employee staff members assigned to the greater Bay Area have increased our union ranks from beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, the ranks of ACMEA (Alameda County Management Employees Association) and down the Santa Cruz Mountains.  In addition to building up the union’s ranks, OE3 PE staff have been recruiting new stewards to increase our ability to represent our members.  In ACMEA alone OE3 has five times more stewards than we had three months ago.  OE3 staff continues the work to identify departments, agencies and workplaces that require more representation.  Stewards are the fundamental building block to building a stronger union culture.  Perhaps just as important, if not more important, is ensuring that OE3 Public Employee Stewards have the tools and skills necessary to represent our members.     

In order to build our stewards toolbox, OE3-PED Director, Tim Neep, and bay area PE staff are organizing the  OE3 Public Employees’ Greater Bay Area Summer 2019 Steward’s Training: 101.”   Stewards will learn from OE3–PE Business Agents, Legal staff, OE3 Political Staff and other OE3 Professionals.  The Training agenda will include Labor and OE3 History, Identifying and Helping Members in Crisis, OE3 Structure and the Role of a Steward, Investigating and Prosecuting Grievances, along with a special class for our badged staff on POBOR (Police Officer Bill of Rights) given by OE3 Legal staff.  The training will be held at OE3’s Alameda Headquarters on Saturday, September 21st.  If you are public employee steward or member, and would like to attend, please contact your union steward or RSVP at