ACMEA/OE3 represented Program/Financial Specialists (PFS) have been awarded a 3 percent salary increase.

The salary increase is expected to take effect in April following the necessary Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ (ACBOS) review and approvals.

This action is a reversal of the County’s denial of a request for a PFS equity pay increase made during the most recent ACMEA General Government Unit negotiation session. The session concluded in late December 2017.

Despite rejecting the PFS salary increase, the County granted a 3 percent salary increase to Program Specialists (PS) severing a decades-long parity existing between the two classifications. Until then, the PS and PFS classifications were interchangeable positions with the same salaries.

Alameda County Human Resources/Labor Relations Department officials announced the PFS salary increase on January 28, 2019 after meetings with former ACMEA/OE3 Bus. Rep. Paul Carroll and ACMEA Director-at-Large Tim Roberts.

The County’s decision to reverse its original denial comes more than a year after the initial request for the PFS salary adjustment. In recognition that more than a year of waiting resulted in a substantial loss of wages for PFS, Carroll and Roberts requested a lump-sum payment for PFS. It was determined the payment would be approximately $3,000 per PFS.

The County denied the lump-sum payment for PFS and ACMEA/OE3 has petitioned the ACBOS to overturn the ruling. ACMEA/OE3 is awaiting the Board’s decision.

All PFS are encouraged to immediately call and/or email each member of the ACBOS and request that they vote to reverse the denial of the lump-sum payment for PFS as ACMEA/OE3 requested. Visit for BOS contact information.

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