The International Union of Operating Engineers’ has a long history of advocating for and representing healthcare workers and has a strong history in particular of representing nurses. In fact, IUOE District Council 1 of New Jersey is made exclusively of Health Care Workers. They have been advocating for patient safety and higher standard for Healthcare providers for decades.

The OE3 Public Employees Division represents over 400 nurses including Nurse Managers, Public Health Nurses Managers, Nurse Case Managers, Admin Nurses, and other Nurses leaders throughout the SCVHHS, Alameda County Public Health, Behavioral Health, and at the Hospitals of Alameda Health Systems. OE3 and its affiliates have worked tireless to support our nurse members as we collectively address the new challenges facing healthcare workers and in particular nurses.

OE3 would like to take this time to salute our Public Nurses Leaders who consistently advocate for their patients, community, clients and all the public we serve. We want to ensure that you know we serve you, so you can better serve our community.

OE3 invites you to participate in the formation of the “OE3 Nurse Leadership Council” or the “OE3-NLC,” where are Nurse leaders can gather to discuss pressing issues affecting the Nurses in the system, department and/or the county. If you would like to advocate for you and your fellow nurses, please contact David and Mario.

OE3-NLC, OE3 and will be working with our partners at the ACMEA Leadership to address issues and concerns through legislative means. OE3 has utilized its substantial political influence to assist our public employee’s members concerns in Sacramento in the past. ACMEA’s affiliation with OE3 continues to pay dividends for ACMEA members.