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Alameda County Management Employees Association (ACMEA) is affiliated with the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 (OE3).


The Alameda County Management Employees Association (ACMEA) is a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation, organized under the non-profit, mutual benefit corporation laws of the State of California and is the recognized collective bargaining representative for middle management and other employees of Alameda County, the Alameda County Medical Center and the Alameda Superior Court. ACMEA is affiliated with the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 (OE3).


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OE3/ACMEA Responds to Tony Redmond’s email.

Dear ACMEA members, Today we have been forwarded several copies of the email that was sent out by Mr. Tony Redmond regarding the cost of living increase that is being offered to the non-represented employees of Alameda Health System. Inc.  To clarify as of today’s...

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Highland Hospital and Fairmont Hospital Site Visits

OE3/ACMEA representatives will be on site to conduct meetings with the membership and to answer general questions, address any potential concerns, and to discuss the upcoming wage reopener. These visits will take place at either the Highland Cafeteria, or the Fairmont...

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As a member of ACMEA, we are also members of the International Union Operating Engineers Local 3 –Public Employees Division. OE3 has nearly 40,000 private sector members and 10,000 public sector managers; among those members are ACMEA members. OE3-PED represents over...

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“The ACMEA Connection” and “ACMEA-TEXTNET” Connects

Last month, our debut issue of “The ACMEA Connection” hit the email inboxes of hundreds of ACMEA members, along with our inaugural message from “ACMEA-TEXTNET” to your cell phones. Both of these programs are OE3-initiated programs in coordination with the ACMEA...

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Meet our Board of Directors

We participate in the collective bargaining process, disciplinary process, meet and confer process, as well as participate on the ACMEA political action committees. 

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Tom Madigan


Romona Wilkins

Ramona Wilkins

Vice President

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Esther Martino

Director at-Large

Herlander Nobrega

Herlander Nobrega


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Tim Roberts

Director at-Large

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Valerie Louie

Director at-Large

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Dale Amaral

Director at-Large

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Jane Manzo


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Yvette Greenwood

Director at-Large

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Donald Mattison

Director at-Large

OE3 Paul Carroll

Mario Gonzalez-Brito

OE3 Business Rep

OE3 DAvid Tuttle

David Tuttle

OE3 Business Rep

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