October 1, 2001 

The Honorable Board of Supervisors 
1221 Oak Street 
Oakland, CA   94612 

President Haggerty: 

This letter is to inform you that the Alameda County Management Employees Association (ACMEA) is outraged at the lack of action in resolving the issue of pay inequity. 

In December 2000, your Board adopted a salary ordinance that provided substantial increases to select unrepresented managers.    Represented managers in comparable classes, and tied to the same benchmark, were excluded from these raises.   

On March 30, 2001, ACMEA submitted a proposal to Denyce Holsey of Labor Relations to remediate these inequities by increasing salaries of affected represented managers.  Subsequent discussion with Board members led us to believe that the Board would correct the problem by granting the increases retroactive to December 24, 2000.   

To date, there has been no authorization given by the Board to resolve this issue.  We are reiterating our position that this egregious behavior is unacceptable and is viewed by Operating Engineers #3, the Alameda County Employees Labor Coalition and the Central Labor Council as ďanti-union and an action to discourage union organization/membership". 

  • ACMEA has been adamant that this blatant discriminatory action be rectified separate and apart from contract negotiations, as it is not a contract matter, but a matter of fair and equitable treatment of represented employees. 
  • We request the Board immediately act to adopt the recommended salary adjustments proposed on 3/30/2001, retroactive to December 24, 2000 for the represented managers affected by the December 2000 Board action. 
  • ACMEA is hereby canceling the scheduled meet and confer negotiations session scheduled for October 5, 2001. It is impossible to negotiate in good faith given the inequities that are based solely on whether or not the class is represented by a union.
We respectfully urge you to bring immediate closure to this issue. 

Cc:  Alameda County Employees Labor Coalition; 
 Alameda County Central Labor Council; 
 Denyce Holsey, Labor Relations 
 Naomi Burns, Human Resources 

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